Summer of change

This is certainly a summer of change for our family. As I’ve mentioned, we moved from Orlando, FL to just north of Pittsburgh, PA. My husband actually moved here in April and the boys and I moved up in the beginning of June.  We have yet to be here a month and yet so many changes have occurred.

I’m not just talking about the obvious things like… well we now live in a townhouse, not a house (just temporary), the weather is a lot cooler or we now live in hills instead of FLAT land.  No, these are the changes that everyone thinks of when I say I’ve made changes.  There have been other changes too.

The boys are outside a lot more here. I’m not sure if it is the weather, the size of the house or the lack of camps and structure, but they are outside. I am walking the dog about a mile every morning. The boys go off on their scooters shortly after breakfast and are out for as long as they want (unless we have plans). They are meeting kids, they are having fun, they are being…. KIDS!

I always said I wanted my sons to have the kind of summer I had as a child.  You know the go outside and play. Ride to a friends house and knock on the door to see if they can go outside and play. The summers of playing until your stomach growls, you get called home for dinner and/or the streetlights go on. My children never had a summer like this before. Now, that isn’t due to the lack of my trying. I’ve been known on many occasions to tell them to go outside. To send them off on their bikes/scooters to the playground.  But, it was always short lived and preceded by lots of grumbles.

I set boundaries of where they can go. They know to keep tabs on each other. They know my phone number just in case. They are off being kids. Off having fun. And, I’m not worried. I don’t need to see their every move. I don’t need to keep tabs on them. I will not go spy. I just know that they are smart. They tend to make intelligent choices. They will watch out for each other. They will have fun!

So, what is the big change this summer?? My kids are learning to be kids!


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