Avid reader

If you know my sons, one thing you know for sure… they are both avid readers. My oldest, Blake, I swear eats books for lunch. Blake is one of those kids who reads anything and everything. We can not go anywhere past writing without having to stop for him to read the sign, building, package, whatever has writing on it. Blake is a connoisseur of information. He sucks up knowledge as if it was oxygen. I don’t think Blake has meet a book that he didn’t like, well maybe he has but it wouldn’t stop him from reading it.

Colby, my younger son, is a bit pickier about reading, but is still an avid reader. Colby loves to read books that are fantasy based and typically serials. He grew from reading Magic Tree House to Harry Potter to Percy Jackson to Spirit Animals and so on.

Both boys enjoy reading both fiction and non-fiction stories. Blake is also an avid magazine reader.

So often I’m asked what I did to get my kids to enjoy reading so much and I never know how to answer this question. It’s even harder when people ask me how they can get their own child(ren) to read more.  I can give suggestions, but there is just something about being a reader that can’t be explained, taught or cajoled.  It is a part of who you are.

Why do I think my sons are readers? The first time I read a book to each of them was the day them came home from the hospital. There are books everywhere in my house. Both my husband and I are avid readers and took turns reading to the children when they were younger. It was an integral part of their bedtime routine, and still is. It is also what my children do in the car. Instead of plugging into a gaming system in the car, my children plug into a book or two or ten. My children learned to read by being read to, by picking up books they had heard and reading it to themselves, by hearing stories over and over and over.

So, did I do anything to make my children avid readers, I don’t think so. I think it was a culmination of all the things I would do, did do, as a parent who loves books.


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