Photo Friday

The other day we were checking on the new house we are building. It started to sprinkle while we were there so we left. As we drove away we saw this rainbow.

Image may contain: sky and outdoor

We had to stop the truck and take pictures. The photo doesn’t do it justice. It was actually a double rainbow and the lower rainbow was SO vivid. You could clearly see all the colors.

People see rainbows and think many different things. Is it a sign of hope? Is it an optical illusion? Is it peace? Who knows. I do know that they are beautiful and I’ve captured many pictures of them over the years. There is something about seeing a rainbow that makes you smile. That the light can seek out the color in the water droplets. That the rain and sunlight can work together to create such a beautiful work of natural art.

So, I will continue to stop and take pictures when I see a rainbow, even if I know that there will never be a pot of gold at the end.


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