So much of my life I remember through music. Music has played an important roll in my life since I was a child. I hear songs and it reminds me of times or experiences in my life. I grew up singing on stage and it was a way to escape the reality of childhood, especially in my middle school and high school years. But, it’s not just singing of music that brings me joy. I almost always have music playing around me. I play in at home, I play it in my car and I typically played it in my classroom. I enjoy everything from classical to hard rock. There is very little music I don’t like, probably rap and county are the only two types I really could live without.

My sons have also gained a great love of music. Blake turns on the fire stick first thing in the morning and has the music playing. For him, I think it is as much a need for noise as it is a love of music. He can hear a song and tell you who sings it and often times what album it is on.  I can’t do that. I can sing you the whole song, but not know the name of the song never mind the band who plays it.

People laugh when the see the type of music my sons enjoy. They will be listening to Green Day, and then switch the the Allman Brothers, then turn to Weird Al, and then choose to listen to John Williams. They have a very eclectic music selection on their mp3 players.

I can’t imagine living without music. For me… music is memories, music is love, music is life.

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