So many women out there judge themselves as a mom against the images they see on tv, on social media, and seeing people around. They see themselves as either inferior or superior from others. I never understand this concept. Don’t get me wrong there are times I say I wish I was more like so and so, or you’d never see me doing this or that.

When people look at others on social media they forget that the person is not going to post the things that make them look like a bad mother. Now, you may post a funny quip now or then. You you may post in the moment of I’m going to kill my child. But, those moments are few and far between. People post what they want people to see. So in other words the world of social media wears rose colored glasses.

So look at yourself and say… are my children fed? do they have clothes that fit? do they have clean water to drink and a roof over their head? Oh good, then you are on the right path. Do you beat them for fun… no…even better!!

Each child needs discipline in different ways. I do not even discipline my two sons the same way. No, that doesn’t mean I favor one over the other, it just that they are so different what works for one would not work for the other. What works for one family would not work for another.

If you feed your child only organic foods or you take them to McDonalds every day… it’s your choice. It is what you feel is best for your family. Some families choose to have children do all the chores and others the children do not have to do any. Who am I to say what is right?

For me, it’s all about moderation. My children have healthy meals, I cook at home most nights, but then they also get a treat to go out… even to McDonalds. My children do have chores to do, and they do not get paid for them. But, then I’ll pick up things they want from time to time, just because I feel like it. They do have their own money, and can earn extra money from us from time to time by going above and beyond. My children have a pretty structured routine during the school year, but more flexibility over the summer.

I hope that one day we can all look at each other and say she is the perfect mother, even if it is a mother who is the complete opposite of me or the other women you just said was perfect. Or better yet… stop looking for perfect.

Some days I have to just remind myself that I’m good enough. I’m good enough as a person, as a wife, as a mother, and every other roll I play. And good enough… is good enough.


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