4th of July

Apple pies, fireworks, friends, family… those things say Fourth of July. This is a day to say thank you. A day to recognize that we live in a country that allows us the freedom to be who we want to be. A country that allows us to believe, learn and go. A country that is strong even when others try to break us down.

So many times in our lives we take for granted the freedoms that we have. We forget that others are not granted these same freedoms.

So I hope today as you celebrated the birthday of our country, you took a moment to realize how grateful we should be for those who give for us. The men and women who give their lives to protect those freedoms. Those who are the the front line today and those who were in the past.

I hope that soon we will again hold these great men and women to the esteem they have due. I hope that those who serve can come home to steady jobs, to adequate health insurance, to a financial stability that they are due.

Today we say Happy Birthday USA… and thank you!



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