Photo Friday- farm fresh

Image may contain: fruit and food

As a child in MA, my family had a pretty large garden in the backyard. I learned to love fruits and vegetables straight from the garden. There is nothing better than going and picking something and eating it right there and then.

When I moved to FL, I expected the fruits and vegetables to feel more farm fresh, but they didn’t have the same fresh picked flavor. I’m not sure if it is because of the change in growing season, the heat, the humidity, or what…  One of the most noticeable was strawberries. They were not as sweet and juicy I was was used to having.

I recently went to farm stand and picked up strawberries. Richard, Colby and I ate the whole thing in a matter of 2 days. They were so sweet and delicious. Colby asked to pick up some at the grocery store, strawberries are one of his favorite fruits, but when he ate the grocery store one he was disappointed. He asked to go back and get some more at the farm stand.

Another week, we went to a local orchard that has pick your own strawberries and blueberries. We picked both. The strawberries were at the end of the season, so they were sweet, but not as sweet as the first batch we got at the farm stand. The blueberries were at the beginning of the season. They were super sweet and delicious. I kept walking past the container and snacking on a handful.

This week we returned to the orchard with my parents who are up from FL. We picked more blueberries and purchased corn on the cob. We also picked up 1/2 and apple pie and 1/2 a raspberry pie. The taste of these foods transported me back to my childhood. To the farm fresh taste of produce.

I foresee many more trips to the orchard to get the farm fresh locally grown produce. It may cost a little bit more, but it is SOOOO worth it.


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