One of my favorite things about Facebook is the daily memories it shares. I look forward on looking back over my 8 years on Facebook and seeing what I was doing, or more specifically what my sons were doing.

I began blogging when I was pregnant with Colby. It was actually a way to vent life as a Mommy to an active toddler. I blogged for so many reasons as the years went on. I enjoyed the place to put my thoughts down, I enjoyed the other blogs that I began reading and the interaction I was having with those bloggers. I was enjoying recording so many of my boys moments in life. I remember writing about their firsts. I remember also writing about the times I had to either laugh or cry.

During this time, I began using Facebook as well, this was a place to reconnect with people I grew up with, my high school and college friends. It was a way to interact, all be it virtually, with the lives of people I knew over the year. Again I found myself sharing my adventures and pictures of the boys. But it was just short snippets of life.

Now that the boys are older, I can go back to the blog and my Facebook posts and see so many of the adventures we had. See pictures of them from infants to now. I do not want to go back in time. I am not a person who is like… I need to have a baby. I enjoy watching my children age and seeing them grow into the people they are and will become. I enjoy looking back and seeing how much they have changed. How independent and strong willed they were even at those ages, but how that is shaping the personality they have at this age.

I will continue to enjoy looking back on these memories with a smile. Being able to laugh at memories of times that I wanted to scream. Looking back on my little boys, as I look over at my sons who are not so little anymore.


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