Sunday…Son day! Blake edition 1

Hi everybody, Blake here on the second Son-day,starring… me. This week’s topic: why I think even though baseball is America’s favorite pastime, football is America’s favorite sport today. First off, baseball has been around for 178 years, while football has been around for only 148 years. Baseball is older by 30 years. Second, baseball has 245 minor and major leagues. It has 244 minor and 1 major league, people. Football has about 2 minor and 2 major, the AFL (arena football) and the NFL, which everybody knows about. But, football has more major than baseball, which has 1 major league. Third, going out to recess at school, you don’t probably see people playing baseball. But you probably see… you guessed it… a football game! Finally, the stadiums of football are larger than the baseball fields for 2 reasons. 1, 1 football stadium can fit 1 whole section more than baseball, that basically has 3 sections.(see below:)                                                                                                                          Image result for aerial view of football stadiums ucf

Image result for aerial view of pnc park

As you can see, baseball is America’s old favorite pastime-football is the new. This is Blake, saying I’ll see you in two weeks.


5 thoughts on “Sunday…Son day! Blake edition 1

  1. Blake I love your reasoning on why football is the new favorite. I believe this is true as well!! Most kids do play football at recess. My son loves to play football and baseball but football is his favorite one.


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