Gym observations

On Sunday, Richard and I went to workout at the gym. We enjoy getting in a good workout on the weekend. More than that, we enjoy the conversations we have at the gym. It is a time to talk about anything and everything. The children at the the kids club and can workout, play Wii, play air hockey or any number of board games.   This gives Richard and I time just the two of us.

Another thing we like to do it people watch. Often times we will just point out another person in the gym and we both think the same thing. I love to watch the personalities of people.

You will see the people who must live in the gym. They typically are there wearing clothes that more than show off their muscles. They also typically try and take over multiple pieces of equipment all at the same time and get upset if you try to use it.  Which is funny when they are 5 or 6 feet away on another piece and walk up to you saying “Hey I’m using that” then walk away and do something else.

You see the people who go to the gym to socialize. They will use a piece of equipment for a few minutes and then spend the next 15 talking to different people in the gym. Then maybe go try some other equipment.

One of my favorite is the creative gym person. They use the machines for alternative purposes. If you use the circuit machines they typically are used for one or two specific exercises. Well these people will find ways to use it for a totally different purpose. For example, they will stand up on the bench instead of sitting the way it is meant to be. Or I’ve even seen people sitting backwards. Whatever floats your boat.

Richard loves to pick out the people who are trying to use the weights correctly, but the form is no where near correct. The other day we saw a guy doing triceps push downs. He was standing in a way that reminds me of how cartoonists illustrate people who do not know how to walk in high heel shoes. He was up on his toes with his butt stuck out and his torso leaned forward and his head so his chin was angled upward. I just had to laugh

So the next time you go workout at the gym. Stop and look at the people. See if you can find your favorite gym character. Now I’m going to watch the Dude Perfect Gym Stereotype video and see how many of these characters I have seen, as well as, hope people don’t see me as one of those stereotypes.


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