Sunday- Son day… Blake edition 2

Hey everybody, Blake here I am after 1 week of waiting. This week’s topic is how I think schools should use technology, but from my perspective. Let’s start with I-ready. Sure, teachers may say it’s fine, but it’s bad in many ways. First, smart kids, like me, mostly get the “levels” that are, say are 7th to even 9th grade, and are failing because they look at it and go,”what the heck is this?”. Or, it’s vice versa, which is basically like,”duh! I know this stupid stuff already!” Second, some (and by that I mean all of it) is stupid silly, and they have obnoxious voices. Also, it usually is like, “finish and then you get to play fun games that don’t exist!” (Okay, I added that that “don’t exist” part on because they really DON’T EXIST. AT ALL. REALLY. NO JOKE.) Well, they do, but teachers usually block it, so it’s like a monkey without a barrel. Or vice versa. In conclusion, I-ready is some stupid website that is some company’s idea of fun.

Finally, Reading Plus. First off, a site code is needed to get in. Second, there’s this guided reading, and then there’s this reading thing on your own, and that has problems, too. Every time, on it would say I was going too fast. Well, good for them. I am not reading your “perfect” speed .In conclusion, I’m happy I didn’t have to do that thing for 4 years.

What I do think teachers should let kids use technology for sites like scratch and math playground, or for research purposes. I think most kids would like these sites and are actually fun, unlike “fun” things like I-ready. It basically is actual fun.

My entire point here is that all the teachers that have these sites, you probably should look again, the fine print is probably what the students see. Blake saying goodbye for 2 weeks.

P.S. I can answer any of your questions, if you have any, I just need Mom to let me know what they are so I can answer.


3 thoughts on “Sunday- Son day… Blake edition 2

  1. Nice job, Blake. And you are 100% correct. I also know, however, that even though you may not “like” the programs that schools require you to use, you are respectful and humble to your teachers. Sometimes we all have to do things that we don’t like (myself included!), but when we are humble and compliant THAT is a true measure of our character. Keep it up!

    😉 Mrs. Addison

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