Cooking, Baking, Rambling Thoughts

If you read my post the other day on balance, you know that I feel that eating healthy is important. I cook most dinners that we eat, don’t get me wrong we go out to eat, but when we eat at home it is typically home cooked, pretty close to it.

I find that being in the kitchen is a great joy of mine. I enjoy both sides of being in the kitchen, I love the creativeness I get from cooking. When I cook I typically do not use a recipe. I will look at recipes and use them as a jumping off point, but from there… yeah well you never know exactly what a dish will taste like when I cook it. Cooking is a way to take raw ingredients and transforming them into something totally different. I love going to the store and purchasing something as simple as ground turkey and then transforming it into a whole meal for my family. I have begun looking at things as simple as how to make my own taco seasonings, how to transform a typical meal and making it more my own.

I also enjoy taking a dish that I made already and transforming the leftovers into something that takes on a whole new life. This allows me to recreate what I’ve already created. I’m doing that tonight for dinner, two weeks ago I made pasta with meat sauce. I froze the leftovers. I took them out of the freezer and purchased ricotta cheese. I’ll use that to make my lasagna cheese and mix it together with provolone cheese and mozzarella cheese. I’ll put the whole thing in a 9×13 pan… ta da!  lazy lasagna made with meat sauce.

Now the other side of me is a baker. When I bake I use recipes. I look at baking as relaxing. Yes, you read that right. Baking is an escape for me. I would bake daily if that didn’t mean I’d gain 5,000 pounds!  I enjoy the science of baking. The seeing something go from a raw dough to a baked treat.

Ok… so what is the point of this post?  Yep, I know you are asking this. Well… we watch a lot of Food Network Shows, shocking?  Blake keeps asking me which cooking show I want to go on. My answer is always none!  I’m not a chef, I’m not a cook, I’m not a baker. I enjoy these things. I enjoy sharing these things in person and on my blog, but I’m no expert.

So, I’ll keep cooking for my family, and baking from time to time. I’ll share my recipes, but as I search for the direction this blog is going… one thing I know for sure… it’s not going to be just a food blog.

Anyone have thoughts on what blogging direction I should follow?  What would you like to see/hear on here.


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