Sunday–Son Day! Blake edition 3

Hi, everybody, Blake here. Today’s topic is about the Red Bull Flugtag that I saw yesterday. It’s pretty cool, check out this video, which is pretty cool. So you can make your craft small or big, but not too big. The rules state that the teams of 4-6 crew members machines’ must be 28 ft. max wingspan, a 10 ft. max height, a max length of 20 ft, and including the pilot, a max weigh of 400 lbs. The machines are judged on 3 criteria: showmanship, distance, and creativity. Before the flight, the crew can do a 30 second skit, which falls in with creativity and showmanship. Then, they launch their flying-or falling-machine, and distance is judged by how far the pilot goes, not the machine. The judges watch the skit and the flight from a tower and hold up big cards so that everybody can see it, kind of like Monster Jam.  The scores from all 3 criterias for a final score. In the end, the team with the most points wins. Red Bull Flugtag is pretty cool, as you can see. Maybe you’ll see it sometime.


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