Today we got to visit the boys new school. Blake will be entering 5th grade and Colby 4th. Now, they are kids who don’t hate school. For the most part they enjoy school. There are aspects of school that they don’t like, but that is expected.

When we walked around their new school this morning, they started getting an impression of the school and what it will be like. Tonight, we went to a new family orientation. This made them feel more comfortable. It’s often the little things that help kids find a reason to look forward to something.

They are excited to check out the library. They are excited to have PE, art, music, keyboarding and world languages. The last 30 minutes of every day is for enrichment activities such as learning an instrument, art club, chorus, Scratch-club, chess club and so many other fun activities.

They will have 2 teachers, they get lockers and the best… 30 minutes of recess a day.

When we left, Blake said “I’m excited to go to school” I was so happy to hear him excited. He said this is the most excited he’s been about school in a long time.

Can’t wait to see how next Thursday goes. There are still some paperwork issues to deal with to make sure everything is settled for them academically but, we will get there.

I’m so glad that the information they received tonight made them feel welcomed and excited.