Photo Friday– Reading

IMG_20170818_084836.jpgThere is something about reading that makes me smile. I always have at least one book on my nightstand. I can’t fall asleep without reading, even if I only read for 5 minutes. For me reading is an escape, it’s relaxation, it is…

I love finding new authors and then diving into their world. I especially enjoy series of books. I read mysteries, romance, historical fiction, contemporary novels, and so much more.

Both my sons have this same love. They read in bed, in the car, when they are bored, and anytime they get hold of a book. My oldest uses reading as an escape when he is concerned/anxious about something. The boys enjoy book series as well, but they also enjoy reading non-fiction books to learn new things.

If you need me, I’m curled up on the coach reading my books, or ordering new ones on Amazon….. just don’t take away my books!