Sunday- Son Day: Colby edition 3

Hi everybody I will tell you a story I wrote it’s called “feast thief”  

One day the teachers were getting ready for a back to school feast. 1 teacher went over to get the pizza and salad but it was gone! “Lettuce teachers find it!” she said. Then her son came over and said “Mom, why is there a trail of salad dressing on the floor?” “Aha!”  she said, “This should help us find the food thief!” Then when they got outside at the end of the dressing trail was a cute little boy. He said “Sorry for stealing your food. I ran away from the orphanage and I smelled pizza. The doors were open, so I got it, Don’t call the police please!” The teacher, Ms. Calhoun said “You are cute and sweet,  so I will adopt you! ”    THE END

goodbye for now  


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