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Book Review– Commonwealth

I read the book Commonwealth by Ann Patchett earlier in the summer. (I actually purchased it at the same I purchased The Boys in the Boat that I reviewed earlier)

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Commonwealth is one of those books that you just have to give a bit of time. The story begins with the Keating’s family celebrating their youngest daughter, Franny’s christening. Bert Cousins arrives uninvited. He brings a bottle of gin, which then brings about drinking orange juice and gin. After lots of drinking Bert kisses Franny’s mother Beverly. This sets the world of both of these families into a spiral.

The meat of the story happens once they begin looking at how the two families dealt with being one “big happy family”. The Keating girls move away with their mother, while the Cousins kids stay in California with their mother. Summers meant a melding of the two worlds, when the Cousins kids came and stayed with their father.

There were many twists and turns that we unexpected. It is an interesting look into how mixed/blended families work to make like work for all involved.

I did find it difficult to follow at times because it kept jumping back and forth in time. But, this did add to the dramatic impact at times in the story.

If you enjoy a story about families that aren’t perfect, but try hard to keep life “normal” then this might be the story for you.


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