The phone rang…

The phone rang, and it was a number I didn’t know. I noticed it was in the town the boys school is located so I answered it. I held my breath as I answered the phone. Then there was “May I please speak to Mrs. ____.”  I replied “This is she.” I put that fake smile on my voice to try not to sound nervous. The person went on to tell me it was a counselor from the school.  Ok. I now who you are, but I’m still not ok with this yet. She then asked if this was an ok time to talk.  My heart is still in panic mode. “Yes, sure, how can I help you?”  She then proceeded to tell me why she was calling. It took a few minutes into the conversation to calm my heart. It was no big deal. She was calling to let me know about some paperwork I need to fill out for Colby. She was telling me why I needed to fill it out. She was telling me what a sweet and funny child I have. She was telling me all the things we as teachers are trained to tell parents. There was no negative that followed… this is always a good thing.

Even having been a teacher for so long, getting that phone call. Knowing its the school calling… I panic. What happened? Did one of them get hurt? Did one of them get in trouble? Who did what? What do I need to do? Do I need to go to the school now?

I know as a teacher that there are many times that teachers and schools make positive phone calls. Whenever I did this as a teacher I always said “Hello Mrs. so and so, it’s Mrs. ____. I’m calling to share good news”  Or “I’m calling to let you know about something I need” I always tried to calm the panic before it could start. But, the problem is… the panic starts as soon as you see the phone number.

I’m glad I got this phone call.  I just may need to take a few deep breaths before I go on with the day.


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