These are the days I wish I drank coffee…

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Don’t you hate when you wake up and it feels like Friday, and then you remember it’s only Thursday?  That’s my day today.

I slept like crap last night.  My legs hurt from working out, the good and the bad… my muscles are sore, good that means my workout is working. But, when your muscles are sore at night and you can’t get comfortable, you want to give up working out forever! I won’t, but trust me at 2am when my hips hurt, I wanted to.

The boys on the other hand had one of their best nights of sleep in a while. They finally gave in and went to sleep after we put them to bed. I’m so over them sleeping in the same room. I will do a happy dance the day we set their beds up in the new house. On one hand I’m sure they will miss chatting before they go to sleep, but I don’t care! They haven’t slept well the whole time we’ve lived here. Ok, ok that’s an over-generalization. There may have been 2 or 3 nights they slept well, but those don’t count.

So, you’d think that since they slept well they’d wake up perky and happy and ready to start the day? You’d think they would be excited because they get to watch UCF football tonight? NOPE! When I came out of our bedroom, they were up showered and dress.  Good… this is a good start. They are getting into this morning routine. And then the bitching and arguing starts. Over what… who knows? Do they need a reason to whine? You ask them what’s wrong and they have no answer.

Now, I’m sure they are wishing we were in Orlando, because then they would be going to see the game live and not on tv. I know they are still adjusting to the whole new school thing. I know they are adjusting to going back to having to be up going and ready every day. I know there are 1,000,000 reasons they could be in a mood.  But, why oh why did they have to do pick a day that I’m working on empty.

These are the days I wish I drank coffee.


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