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Book Review- Cobbled Court Quilt Series

The first book review I did was on The Promise Girls, by Marie Bostwick. After I finished this book, I went right onto Amazon and ordered A Single Thread, which is the first book in her Cobbled Court Series.

In the story, A Single Thread, Evelyn Dixon learns to find life again. The story begins with her living in TX. She was recently divorced and needs to move out of her family home. Not knowing what to do, she decided to get in her car and drive to CT. Originally going there to see the leaves change color. Evelyn ends up in the town of New Bern. She finds the town to be welcoming and decided to stay and open a quilt shop. Here in this small town, Evelyn not only opens her shop, but finds herself, a new group of friends and a loving community. While enduring a challenge she meets a new group of unexpected friends: Abigail Burgess, the richest woman in the area; Abigail’s niece Liza, a college age rebellious “girl” coping with the death of her mother in all the wrong ways; Margot Matthews a New York transplant who is dealing with being downsized and Charlie, the owner of a local restaurant. The story shows the love that can come from the family you choose, your friends. Each of these characters learns to grow together and each life is changed just a bit by the twists and turns of daily life, and how friendship and a bit of quilt making helps them grow together.

Before I’d even finished reading A Single Thread, I’d already ordered the second book in the series, A Thread of Truth.  In this book, you will find all the usually characters and continue to see how they learn to work and interact with each other. We learn more about the Cobbled Court Quilt store. But, we also learn a bit more about Ivy Peterman, who you meet briefly in A Single Thread. Ivy is a mother of two who lives in the local women’s shelter. Abigail Burgess, takes a liking to Ivy’s daughter and decides that she using her wealth to help the best place to put her time and energy. Ivy comes to work at the quilt store and it is here we learn her story.  Especially when Mary Dell and Howard, friends of Evelyn’s from TX who are now TV celebrities for their quilting show decide to feature Evelyn’s quilt shop on their show. Ivy unexpectedly ends up in the commercial for the episode, and this Ivy’s ex-husband finds out where Ivy is living. Read to see how Evelyn and the rest of the quilting group can yet again band together to help out a friend.

I’ve already ordered the 3rd book in the series and can’t wait to read what adventures the quilting group gets into next.

On a side note, I sent a copy of my The Promise Girls post Marie Bostwick. I originally posted the book review because in the books Bostwick encourages her readers to share about her books on social media… so I did! And, I received an e-mail from Marie Bostwick herself. I had also posted the link on her Facebook page and she responded there as well. How cool is it to have an author send me an e-mail!


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