The Right Teachers?

The last two nights I went to the boys school for their “Meet the Teacher”. This was more like what I think of as Open House. The teacher spoke about curriculum and how the class is going to run. I left both nights feeling much better about things.

Yes, I’m a teacher and yes I know that most teachers work hard and have their students best interests at heart. But, at the same time I know my sons. They don’t fit in the box. They are oval pegs trying to fit into round holes. They look like they should fit perfectly, but they don’t.

Over the years they have had some awesome teachers, but they have also had some terrible ones. That’s life you can’t always create the perfect environment for every child. When I find those teachers who just seem to fit, it makes life so much easier.

Colby’s Meet the Teacher was first. He is in 4th grade now. Both his teachers encourage creativity. They do a lot of project based, cross curriculum work. They see the need for open ended learning and understand that there is more than one way to do anything. I walked out saying… good! This is just what Colby needs. He is my outside the box, creative thinker. Colby sees the world though multicolored lens, he is never satisfied with the easy answer and wants to figure out his own way to do everything.

Blake’s Meet the Teacher was last night. He is in 5th grade now. Both his teachers were passionate about learning. They also work a lot on community building and understanding others as learners. They work the curriculum and then allow the children to go beyond the textbook knowledge. They believe in pushing the kids at the pace that works for them, and not holding them back at the pace set by the text books. They will also do project based learning. This is what Blake needs. He needs structure and routine. He needs to be challenged in a safe environment where they focus on social as well as academic interactions. Blake struggles to see outside the box and lives in a a black and white world. He needs to feel comfortable in the structure and environment if they want to push him to see the shades of gray never mind color in the learning process.

It always baffled me as a teacher when parents didn’t come to the Meet the Teacher, Open House, Parent-Teacher conferences. During the school year, your child spends more awake time at school than at home. Why would you not want to go see who it is your child is with every day? Why would you not want to see if you felt the personalities will mesh?

All I know, is that without really knowing my children and who they are beyond what you can see on paper, the school managed to find the right places for both my sons. Now I can relax a bit more and know that it should be a good school year.


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