Photo Challenge: Waiting

This week’s photo challenge had my brain racking a bit. What am I waiting for? I could post pictures of the house we are building, because we are waiting for it to be done. I could post pictures of Irma because we are waiting to hear what will happen and if our family and friends will be safe. I could post pictures of fall because the boy have been excitedly waiting for their first year with real seasons.

But, I didn’t want to do any of those things. I decided to post about someone in our family who does a lot of waiting. I don’t think I’ve posted about her yet, so here you go… Dixie!


Dixie is our lab/border collie. She is 6 years old. We got her when Blake was in pre-K so the boys had a dog to run and play with, we had an older dog at the time and she didn’t want much to do with the boys other than guarding over them.

Every day Dixie waits until the she sees the buses start passing by the house. She watches to see… is this the boys bus? Once she sees one bus she takes position…

Dixie will wait laying here on the floor until the boys walk through the door. The tail will wag slowly until they start getting closer and then it wags faster and faster. She gets so excited. She checks to make sure they were home and safe. Then she goes back to waiting. She will lay on the couch until she hears my phone ring. She hears me talking to Richard on the phone and then gets ready for waiting position number two.


While waiting for Richard she takes a different position. I think this is because she can see a bit further down the street. When she hears the truck roll up the tail goes crazy. She has waited all day for her whole family to be home. And now she is happy.

via Photo Challenge: Waiting


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