Good Morning!

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A day in the life of me… (well the morning anyway)

6:30 Richard’s alarm goes off

6:50 I finally roll out of bed, do all those morning get up and moving things.

7:00 check to make sure both boys are up and dressed. Blake is up, showered, dressed and putting on his shoes… Colby not so much

I send Blake down to have breakfast. Tell Colby I won’t leave his room until he is out of bed. After much hemming and hawing he finally gets up

7:05 I walk Dixie while Richard and Blake have breakfast

7:15 I’m fussing at Colby again to come downstairs to eat.

7:25 Colby finally emerges and is ready to start his day.

7:30 I put the boys lunches in their lunchboxes (they make their own lunches the night before, I just have to pack them.

7:32 Blake wants to leave for the bus stop, but Colby is just finishing up breakfast and has no shoes on

7:35 Blake leaves for the bus stop without Colby. Colby is still trying to get his things together.

7:37 After hunting down Colby’s glasses, he is out the door.

7:39 Richard is now ready to leave, late start for him today. Dixie is ready for her next walk

7:43 Say goodbye to Richard. Walk Dixie. Typically Richard leaves before the boys and Dixie and I go on 3 walks because no one leaves in the morning without her going for a short walk at least.

7:50 See the boys bus arrive as I’m walking and know they are off to school.

8:05 arrive back to the townhouse after walking Dixie and decide what to have for breakfast

Eat breakfast, a bowl of Special K cereal Fruit and Yogurt, while checking out Facebook and my blog stats from yesterday. (note there is no coffee making mentioned… I’m one of those strange people who does not drink coffee.)

8:20 Clean the kitchen up. I typically wash pots and pans at night, but put them away in the morning. And I have to clean up the leftovers from everyone making breakfast

8:30 I change into my gym shoes and get ready to go to the gym. Some mornings, like today, I do a bit of a blog post at this time. I really want to leave for the gym earlier since it isn’t as crowded on the mornings I leave the house before 9, but “shiny object syndrome” strikes and I get distracted by blogs in my brain.

9:45 finishing up this blog post and then I’m out the door to the gym.

I’m going to actually do a second post today based on the responses I got on Facebook and on my blog about yesterdays question. If you did not read my post yesterday, please do and chime in on what direction you want my blog to go… there are no wrong answers.  Anything and everything will help!!

Ok it’s 8:53 and I think I’m finally done looking over this post again. Maybe I can leave for the gym now… oh look shiny object… no must stay focused!

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