Well it’s Ladies Night…

If you read my post yesterday about going to the PTO meetings at the boys school, you know I don’t like groups and am not good in social situations. So to top off yesterdays meetings, which went well, I did speak a little. Funny thing is I met a person who moved to the district last year and had lived in MA near where I went to college and lived in Rochester for a while too. Small world!

Anyway, back to today’s post…last night the neighborhood we are living had a “ladies only night”. They did this in August as well, but I didn’t make it to that one. When I saw on their Facebook site that someone was hosting one in Sept, I decided to jump on board. As I mentioned yesterday, I am trying very hard when we are in the neighborhood to meet and interact with the other families. I want to feel comfortable when I walk around that I can stop and chat. I want to feel comfortable that when my kids are out on their bikes the people in the neighborhood know them and will keep an eye on them/out for them whatever. I want to feel that this is not just where my house is, but the community I live in.

But, this type of thing is not easy for me. First of all I don’t drink wine, or beer for that IMG_20170914_152528matter. It isn’t that I don’t drink… I just don’t like either of these options. So when I’m offered wine I always decline, not to offend… it’s just not my style. So while most people brought a bottle of wine… I brought sweets. I am sort of known for baking. I love to bake and it is very relaxing to me. So when I have to go into these situations getting to bake ahead of time helps. Last night I brought apple pie taquitos. I figured September means apples sooo what better? These were well received, which also helps me because when people talk to me about the desert, I have something to talk about!

Last night when I arrived, not late enough apparently, there was only the homeowner and one other person there. Luckily for me I have meet them both before. People started to slowly trickle in, this was also a help. I felt I did better than normal. I did pop around and join a few groups talking. I always find it weird to walk into a group that is already having a conversation. I feel this is intruding, but I don’t want to stand and not talk to anyone (ok I really do want to do that, but that would scream socially awkward).

I spoke to many of the ladies and even met one who I had yet to meet and spent a great deal of time talking to her, which was nice. I won’t say that I’m ready to jump into more social situations with both feet, but I’ll be more willing to dip my toes in the water, at least in the neighborhood!


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