What is your favorite…

Last night we decided to introduce the boys to the movie “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.” I Image result for ferris bhadn’t watched that movie in forever and laughed through the whole thing. What was even better what watching the boys watch it and enjoying their reaction to the scenes. We have been introducing the boys to a lot of movies that Richard and I enjoyed growing up/before the boys were born time frames.

As soon as the movie was done, Blake looked at Richard and asked “What was your favorite scene?” Without skipping a beat I said “I’d like your top 5 scenes in rank order?” This is what really had Richard and I laughing. Ok the boys too a bit, but not as much as Richard and I.

Ok now you are wondering why Richard and I were laughing so much.  Here’s the back story. When the boys were little we always asked them what was your favorite thing: part of school, thing at Disney, book you read, etc… This is a thing people do with kids when they are young and you are pulling teeth to get information out of them. Well Blake now asks us this all the time.

But, beyond that Blake likes to ask you to list items in rank order. What are top ten football teams? Which are your top five movies? What are your top 10 dinners? How would you rank order these restaurants. He does it to people all the time.

Blake lives a very structured and regimented life so it doesn’t shock me that he creates Image result for listlists in his mind and rank orders his thoughts. Blake sees things in black and white so therefor if that is the way his mind works it is the way that everyone’s minds work and in such everyone must have already have list and rank for all information in their brain. Then he gets upset when you either have to think about it to answer the question or even better refuse to answer it.

So, when Blake asked Richard what his favorite scene was, we knew shortly after we’d be expected to list more scenes until we’d pretty much restated the movie. Now, some probably thing I was being mean and making fun of Blake. Well in some ways I was, but its all good. We are working with him to understand that not everyone thinks that way. That he doesn’t have to put everything into rank order. That he can have conversations about things beyond what was your favorite. And we did, he moved on and started talking about the scenes he enjoyed and elaborating on it beyond I like this scene.

I know that Blake will always life with lists in his brain, but we hope that he will continue to understand that this is something that makes him unique and not something he should expect everyone to do.



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