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Pig Iron Public House Restaurant

Moving to a new city means trying new restaurants!  We have been trying out all kinds of different types and locations.

Last Friday night, we went to Pour in the Park in North Park. North Park is a county21317990_10203816838499424_4904242002389698601_n own park that is full of all kinds of outdoor activities. When I saw the ad for Pour in the Park, I  decided it would be a fun weekend activity for us. There were all kinds of food and beer vendors present. The kids got to eat for free, Richard got a pour ticket and I got a designated driver ticket. This allowed him to drink and I could eat. We thought 21317914_10203816837499399_5876617081917921983_nthis would be a great opportunity to try out some new food places around that we had not tried out yet. We stayed almost the whole time. We tried all the food places, many of the beer tents, the boys played football, and we just relaxed.  It was a great night!

One of the restaurants that was at Pour at the Park was Pig Iron Public House. At Pour at the Park we tried two different samples. The first time we stopped at the tent, we had PULLED PORK SANDWICH: Pulled pork, apple slices, apple butter, coleslaw, sweet whiskey bbq sauce, on a brioche bun

This pulled pork sandwich was so tasty. The crispness of the slaw in contrast with the stringy pork and soft bun made the sandwich work textually. But, even more important was the taste!  I didn’t even realize it had the apple slice on it until I bit into it and had that additional sweet bite. The bbq sauce had a great balance between sweet and tang. Richard and I really enjoyed this. The boys tried it as well, but asked for them to leave off the slaw. Both boys were ready to get back in line and try a second serving!
Richard and I walked back to the tent and this time they were giving out FOREMAN BURGER: Pulled pork, caramelized onions, gouda, sweet whiskey bbq, apple butter.
The burger was cooked perfectly and seasoned just right. There was just the right balance between burger and pulled pork. When you bit the caramelized onion you got just a bit of sweet to mix with the sweet tang of the bbq sauce.
We left that night saying we would have to go try out this restaurant. Well that is just what we did tonight!  Tonight we drove Pig Iron Public House and let me tell you it was worth it!
Image result for pig iron cranberry
We started with a “Sharable”. We had NACHO (pulled pork, beer cheese sauce, white cheddar, chili lime sauce, pickled jalapeños, sour cream). You can choose to have these nachos served with a variety of proteins. Since we knew we liked their pulled pork we opted to try it with the pork. We polished off the whole plate. None of us were crazy about the chili lime sauce, but it was served on the side.  The chips were the perfect level of “toastiness” to hold up to having the pulled pork piled high on top. They did a good job at getting the cheese distributed among all the chips.
For dinner we each had a different item, and they were all well received.
Richard had the Foreman burger with fries. You read about this burger above, it was just as good if not better tonight. Also the fries were natural cut fries that work cooked perfectly. They were a bit more on the softer side, but perfect amount of salt and flavor.
I had the FRESH APPLE SALAD (Apple slices, apple chips, cucumber, pickled red onion, heirloom tomato, carrots, bleu cheese, raisin bread croutons, over spinach, apple vinaigrette). I had them hold the bleu cheese and then pushed the cucumber and pickled onion to the side. (I’ve learned to only ask restaurants to omit/switch one item if you want them to get it right) This salad was a really good size salad. There was a ton of apple slices about 5 apple chips and a handful of sliced tomatoes. The raisin bread croutons were such a different crunch than normal croutons. They added a sweetness that was a nice treat. The apple vinaigrette was just the right balance between the apple and vinegar.
Colby got the children’s burger. This was perfectly cooked and was also served on the same bun as Richard’s. It was also served with fries. Colby said it was a good burger, but he’d rather have an adult burger that has a bigger patty that will be cooked medium instead of the medium well that most kid burgers are served.
Blake had chicken tenders. These were so much better than I expected. I tasted one and they tasted like fried chicken, but they had the lightest breading. When the plate was put down I worried that he wouldn’t eat them because they were fried a bit darker than typical and as I said they had a light breading, but he loved them. Blake ate all the chicken and hardly touched his fries, which is the opposite of many times with Blake.
As you can see, we really enjoyed this dinner. We are glad that we got to experience the Pig Iron at Pour at the Park and then went and had dinner there.  If you are looking for a good place to eat in the Cranberry Township area of Pennsylvania… try out the Pig Iron Public House… we will certainly be going back again!

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