Sunday- Son Day… Colby edition 4

Hey guys, Colby here I am going to tell you why I love Lego’s . I like Lego’s because they let me let my creative side out, The air hockey table was inspired by one of the spare pieces in the Cinderella castle set reminded me of a hand piece in air hockey table so I built that and Mom loved it.16142324_10202868393988904_3248870245922681897_n

Next up: those Christmas decor. Number 1 I noticed we had no Christmas Lego decor so I built a snow man and it was cool, so I built a Santa to go with it. That is them down there. I loved how they turned out.

Lastly I built a train for my star wars guys and it has a cargo hold and a passenger car for the others. The conductors car is nice and there is a crane and a mind powered defense system. I got the idea because I will be building a new rebel base so it is a construction vehicle now.



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