Good-bye summer, hello fall!

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This is the last week of summer and what a summer it has been. We wrapped up school on the last day of May. We celebrated Colby’s 9th birthday with a sleepover with 2 of his best friends, and Blake of course. I thought in many ways I was crazy since well Richard was in PA and I was packing to for the move. But, it was the perfect way to not only celebrate Colby, but wrap up our years in FL.

The first week of June saw Colby’s actual birthday and celebrating with family. It found Richard home in FL for the last time and the final packing. We were then on the road to PA. The trip took us two days and we made really good time.

We arrived in PA to stay in the townhouse the first night with nothing but what packed into my Ford Flex. Oh well the next day found the moving truck at our doorstep. We were officially living in PA.

This summer we explored the area. We went to lots of restaurants, went to activities locally in the city of Pittsburgh. We found farmers markets, pick your own farms and enjoyed the fresh produce found there. We went to the movies every Wednesday. Spent time at the pool, joined a gym where the boys can also workout on kid size equipment. We found hiking and biking trails at North Park. All three guys got new mountain bikes.

The new bikes were a blessing for the boys. They are outside all the time now. Every day they are out riding their bikes with the kids in the neighborhood. They spend the summer outside and enjoying being kids.

The house went from being just a slab to being a finished house. We will officially close on Sept. 27th, but for all intents and purposes the house is finished. We have made new friends in the new neighborhood and are excited to start the next phase in our new home.

So if you ask me if I had a good summer… my answer is yes. We may have been squished into a tiny townhouse, but we made the best of it. There were lots of laughs and memories created this summer, and that is what life is really about. I wouldn’t trade it.

Bring on the fall… lets see what is next for our family!

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