To do, To do… what am I going to do?

This weekend I spent a lot off time talking to Richard. We had all of Friday together since he took the day off, we had the final walk through on our new house.  It was a great opportunity for us to check in with each other. Don’t get me wrong, Richard and I talk all the time, but this alone time afforded us the opportunity to talk about the things that often get shoved to the side.

One of the big topics we discussed what my career… or what to do with my career at least.

At this point I’m so torn in what to do next career wise. I’m having to jump through so many hoops to get my certification switched over. Granted I’m fighting it tooth and nail so that maybe why it feels like so much work. It’s just annoying that I have to do things like not only provide my official transcripts from both colleges, but also have the college fill out paperwork verifying the program I have my degree(s) in meets their standards. I have to get paperwork from both school districts that I have taught in and take 6 tests. Come on.. I have a masters degree in elementary education. I sent you copies of the 4 tests I just took in FL (again took them kicking and screaming since I’d already worked in FL before, but that wasn’t good enough). I’ve taught for 10 plus years in two different school districts in two different states. I understand that they are trying to “raise the bar”, but what other career path would I have to jump through all these hoops each time I change states to just get the certification. This doesn’t mean I get a job. That will be a whole different set of hoops to jump through.

So there is that frustration on the whole thing as well as there aren’t many teaching jobs in this area. So, it is harder to get jobs. So I could go through this whole process and not get a teaching position. Do I want a teaching position? Don’t get me wrong I LOVE teaching, its all the other crap that comes along with teaching. There is a lot of stress in the teaching profession right now and it all comes down to the expectations put on by standardized testing. I am a primary teacher, meaning I teach pre-K to 3rd grade, I shouldn’t be stressing out over getting my students ready for standardized testing. I should be helping my students develop a love of learning. Help them see the joy of reading a book. Guild them into learning about all the cool topics that make up the world we live in… not mastering 5 ways to answer an addition problem that can be answered in 1.

So what do I do? Do I try to go back into the classroom, where I will be happy for the Image result for question markmost part. Do I take a job at a day care working in a pre-K or K wrap program (they only have half day K here)? If I do that, I take a huge pay cut, but there is also less stress. I can teach pretty much the way I want to teach.

Do I stay as a stay-at-home mom? Then I don’t bring in an income, but I do free up our lives. When I’m home, the meals get made every night. The groceries, laundry, and cleaning gets done during the day and we don’t have to do these things after work or on the weekend. I’m free to help at the boys school. I’m home when the kids get out of school and they don’t have to go into after school care or home to an empty house.

I have already ruled out getting a part time job that isn’t in the teaching profession. I’m not going to go work at a store or restaurant. I’m not a secretary, bookkeeper or receptionist type. I also need to know that the job I get is school hours, no weekends, no nights and no summers.  Yep that limits my choices. This is the lifestyle we are accustomed to having and I don’t want to change it just to be busy or bring in a few extra bucks a week.

There isn’t much you can do with a teaching degree outside the classroom. So here I am… trying to figure out what is next for me. At least I have time. But, for now I’ll continue to work on getting my certification taken care of then I actually have options to pick from. And until I figure out what’s next I’ll…..

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5 thoughts on “To do, To do… what am I going to do?

  1. That’s tough. I wouldn’t do day care cuz you are beyond that. I would try n get that certification cuz I feel you are a born teacher . Eventually it will come. You may have to go back to volunteering and subbing to get your face in. It’s ridiculous with all these state certificates. Stay at home mom was awesome for me, it was safe and comfortable and I agree you get so much more done that leaves time for family. But I love knowing I can make my own money, and don’t get me wrong it’s rough trying to get out door then coming home dragging. Sometimes nothing gets done and I feel like a failure but working is exercising my brain. I as well go back and forth so I feel for you! Great post!

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    1. Thank you so much for your reply.I do plan on getting my certification, I’m just going to complain the whole time. The school the boys goes to is 4th-6th grade so volunteering at their school won’t help me get a job like the last time. I hope you can figure out the right thing for yourself and I’ll let everyone know what i figure out to do!


  2. I volunteered at a high school in South Orlando for a year but got a job in Kissimmee and the number one thing they looked at was I volunteered. I say start with volunteering at your sons school. PR is small enough that administration and teachers know each other and talk often.

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    1. I plan to volunteer in the library at the boys school. it won’t be the same as what I did before. When I volunteered before I worked with at-risk K and 1st grade students. This allowed the teachers and admin see my teaching skills before I’d even applied. I have already started going to the PTO meetings too which also gets me into the schools. I am in the process of completing the volunteer items so that I can work with kids in the school


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