Daily Prompt: Tentative

Every day The Daily Post provides a daily prompt. Every day I look at the prompt and think… “hmmm should I post about this prompt?” “How would I take this prompt and turn it into something that works for my blog?” “Is this the one that I will use to jump into the daily prompt group?”

You could say I’ve been tentative, uncertain, undecided. I typically jump into things with both feet and just say I’ll make it work. I’ll figure out a way to make it work for me. But, I didn’t with this concept. I think I was concerned it would take over my blog. That I would feel the need to post on the daily prompt daily or at least on a regular basis. But, that isn’t the point of this. Yes, I’m sure there are people who do use it daily or weekly or whatever. The point it is to give you a direction on a time you are stuck. It is a way to make you think about a topic/work/prompt that could push a post in one direction or another.

So, will I continue to be tentative about this? Maybe or I can look at the other meaning of tentative meaning not set in stone. I could look and say I can tentatively state that I’ll try to post on the daily post once every few weeks. I could look and say that when a prompt hits me in the right way I’ll use it.

But, I won’t be tentative on writing when I find the right post, because now I’ve jumped into this pool. I’ve determined that I can make it work for me.  When and if I want knowing that the date/time/week/month/ and if of posting again is now tentative!

via Daily Prompt: Tentative


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