Working out for me, not the scale

As I mentioned in a post earlier in the week, Richard and I spent a lot of time talking about stuff this weekend. Another topic that we spent some time on was working out.

When we moved to PA we got a gym membership at Oxford Athletic Club. We were looking for a gym to workout at and that had things for the boys to do while we worked out. Oxford Athletic Club has a kids area with child size circuit training. We decided this among other factors made this the right place for our family.

Over the summer the boys and I went to the gym at least 3 days a week. They enjoyed it and I got back into working out. We also went one day on the weekend with Richard.

Once school started, I began going to the gym 4-5 days a week depending on if I had other things going on during the day. I typically do 20 min of cardio and the do free weights. I strongly believe that the best way to get healthy is to do strength training. I work with free weights, kettle bells and body resistance. I typically do about 35 min of this and then occasionally jump on and do 5 min on the rowing machine. Ok my times maybe off a tad, but I’m typically at the gym for about an hour.

I also started monitoring what I ate with greater emphasis. I went back to eating more proteins, fruits and vegetables. I have cut back on starches and sugars. I’m not saying I cut them out completely, but pretty much.

I felt like I was doing all the right things. But, what frustrated me the most… my clothes didn’t fit any different. Ok that isn’t totally true… my sleeves are tighter. I can see muscle growth in my arms and my legs. My calves have always been very muscular and now they are back to being pure muscle. My arms are toning up and my biceps are bulking up too. What I’m not seeing is a change in my waist line. UGH!

So that is what Richard and I began talking about on one of our drives last Friday. Let me first say that: A) He never said anything negative about my size, appearance, or anything. B) He is very supportive and a good listener. He wants to see this work because he knows it frustrates me. C) He loves me for who I am.

As we chatted, or I chatted and he interjected as needed,  I came up with a few things to change. Simple little things. I’m going to row for 5 min before I do weight training and then do the longer cardio at the end. I’m going to add in more ab/core workouts. I’m going to start going for hikes at North Park a few days a week in leu of the gym. I was taking fiber and I’m stopping that to see if it was causing bloating, and began taking a probiotic. I’m also not going to have lots of mini meals at specific times, but just eat when I want. I’m going to continue to try to eat healthier, but remember moderation is key to happiness.

A friend posted on Facebook yesterday that she was feeling the frustration of working out and not seeing a change on the scale. She went on to talk about looking at the other positives she has seen such as more energy, healthier lifestyle, etc.  This got me thinking about this post.

I too have seen changes in myself that don’t show on the scale. I love the routine of going and doing something for myself. I see myself getting stronger, and Richard has said this too when we workout on Sundays. I see that I can bike longer, hike easier and much more. I see that I’m eating healthier and in turn so is the rest of my family, we never really ate crap, but this is just the next level of healthier.

So, while I still want my shorts/pants to fit looser on my body, I’ll be happy with the progress I see. I’ll keep working to find that level/mix/activity whatever that helps tip the scales a bit more in my favor. I’m not giving up… I’m working out for me, not the scale…. because, I’m worth it!


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