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Monte Cello’s Pizza

Tonight we could not agree on what to have for dinner. I was originally going to go shopping today, but had to do something for the house at noon. Once I was done with the gym, did a few things at home and took a shower it was time to head out to the house. When I got home I was working on items I need to complete to volunteer at the boys school district.

By the time the boys got home from school, I still hadn’t decided what to have for dinner. I had pulled ground turkey out but was unmotivated. Richard got home from work on the early-ish side so we decided to go out to eat.

Richard wanted pizza so we opted to go to Monte Cello’s here in Wexford. We had been there before and liked it. The first time we went we got a large pizza half cheese/half pepperoni, a meatball casserole and Colby got pasta with a meatball. We really liked the pizza and the dishes as well. They used three different sauces on the dishes we tried. The pizza had a true pizza sauce, true red color slightly sweet and very smooth in texture and taste. Colby’s pasta had a plain red sauce that was close to a marinara sauce taste. The sauce on the meatball casserole, which was more like pasta and meatballs (possibly baked, but no cheese added) had a more robust sauce. The pasta was cooked to a perfect  al dente and the meatballs were really good. They had a good meat taste and weren’t over done with binder.

This time we changed thing up a big. Again we got a large pizza, this time half IMG_20170921_190707.jpgmeatball/half pepperoni. Blake wasn’t sure he wanted it at first, but then decided that he really liked the meatball and said he doesn’t want it any other way from here. Colby again got the same pasta dish. Richard and I split lasagna this time. We talked about ordering ravioli, but Colby considered ordering lasagna himself and I wanted him to try a bite of it before ordering it for his whole meal. Again we were not disappointed. the pizza was really good, even Colby who doesn’t really like pizza enjoyed the meatball pizza.

The other nice thing with this restaurant is both times we had really good service. The waitress brought both Blake and Colby yogurt even though only Colby got it as a side. She was also helpful in ordering our dishes. She recommended getting the garlic loaf instead of the roll since it is a bigger portion.

Needless to say, we will be going back and continue to try something else new next time. So, if you too are the Wexford, PA area… try out Monte Cello’s Italian Restaurant.


(I did not get paid for this review)


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