You are supposed to sleep ALL night long?

As you have read on my blog in the past, I’m on a kick to get back into shape. One thing I knew I needed to find a way to fix was sleeping. I’m not a terrible sleeper, but the older I get the more likely it is that I wake up in the middle of the night. Some nights it is to go Capturethe bathroom.  Others it is because I’m hot or cold… ok typically hot. Sometimes it is because of dreams I’ve had, my dreams are super vivid and real like. Other times it was just the I can’t get comfortable feeling.

Typically I just deal with whatever issue woke me up and I fall back to sleep. But, you know it is never right back to sleep. So there is a huge disruption in my sleep cycle.

I decided the other day to order myself a new pillow…ok two new pillows, but they came as a set and I gave the other one to Richard. I did my research and found one that wasn’t super expensive on Amazon. The nice thing was you could pick the firmness of the pillow, I chose medium which I read was best for side sleepers like me. I bought a queen size pillow, which is great except it doesn’t fit in a standard pillow case. Which works out for me since I typically purchase king size sheets for our bed, I like the extra size on the flat sheet.

I had to laugh when the box arrived. I opened the box which seemed small and pulled out the pillows. They were flat! My first reaction was wow those are some firm pillows. The directions inside said to let the pillows sit for 24 hours to regain this shape, it didn’t take that long for them to start plumping up.

Let me tell you that I only needed 1 pillow on which to sleep, I typically sleep on two. I Image result for sleepalso have slept all the way through the night for the last two nights. Richard has said that he has slept better the last two nights as well.

I typically know when I need to get a new pillow, but I never expected that the new pillow would help me sleep that much better. Guess I’ve found something that works.

Hmmm wonder if I got these pillows for the boys if it would help them go to sleep with less issues? Oh that would be so worth it!



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