Daily Prompt: Irrelevant– changes in seasons

When I lived in Orlando, the changing of seasons was totally Irrelevant. When I first moved to FL, it really hit me how little the seasons change there. September is actually one of the hottest months.

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Most Floridians joke either that we have 2 seasons Summer and Almost Summer. Or we talk about Summer, Football Season, Holiday Season and Hurricane Season.

As a teacher I always found it strange to teach about the seasons in Florida… it is so irreverent to the student lives. Yes, I know they should know that the seasons change, but do they care that there are places where the leaves fall off the trees? Do they need to learn about the cycle of snow?

When I taught kindergarten in MA, the changing of the seasons was such a big deal because it was relevant to the lives of the children.

This year my children are experiencing the changing of the seasons for the first time in their lives. The are getting to see the trees change color and leaves fall to the ground. They will wear jeans, long sleeves and sweatshirts to school more than 2 weeks in the whole school year. They will see what it is like when the snow begins to fall. They will need to wear hats and gloves, winter jackets and hope to stay warm at the bus stop. They will experience the true meaning of these seasons.

So for the first time in their lives understanding the changing of seasons will be relevant. And this will make it fun. Happy Autumn!



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