Altruism still exists, I see it in my son

Today was one of those days when I remember exactly how sweet of a person Colby is growing up to be. Ok well I know this all the time, but there are just some days where he shows it in shades.

This morning I had the boys clean up all their junk downstairs as well as the floor in IMG_20170923_203140their room. When Colby was upstairs he not only cleaned up his things, but also decided to put away the books on Blake’s bureau as well. Richard and I had mentioned the night before that this needed to be done. He just did it.

Jokingly he brought me a bill for his services. He charged 25 cents for cleaning his stuff, 50 cents for the “extra cleaning” and 10 cents tax.  This resulted in a 85 cent subtotal, but there was a space to include a tip. When I asked him I how much I was going to get paid for doing the cooking and cleaning he brought me a dollar bill and said let’s call it even. This gave me a chuckle.

We decided to go see Lego Ninjago a movie the boys have been looking forward to seeing. Colby asked Richard how much it was going to cost to see the movie. When Richard gave him an estimate Colby ran upstairs. I know exactly what he was doing. Colby was gathering the money he felt it was going to cost for us to see the movie and wanted to pay for all of us to see the movie. When we told him he didn’t have to do that and it was part of our parenting privileges to pay for it he decided to bring money to buy himself a popcorn.

We went and ran some other errands. When we got home, one of the boys’ friends and his mother were selling brownies. The school the boys go to have adopted a school in Huston and are collecting gift cards to send. Both boys went over to help them sell the brownies. Colby came home and was going to get some money to donate. Now, let me tell you that I know he was just going to give them the money since he does not eat brownies. I told him that we would go buy our own gift cards to donate to the school. He felt better knowing that we too would contribute. We also told him that we had already made a donation to the relief fund when the hurricane first hit Huston. This made him smile.

Tonight we decided to go to Sonic for dinner. OK that wasn’t planned, but the ground beef was in the back of the fridge and actually had frozen so we couldn’t make the hamburgers we were meant to have… oh well! Since it was a nice night, it’s in the upper 80’s here this week, we decided to have our meal out on the patio area. While we were waiting for the food to come out, Colby got up and walked over to the table next to us. I waited to see why before saying anything. He had seen a young girl about 4 years old sitting next to him trying to open her toy package. He said “Here, I’ll help you” and opened up the plastic for the little girl. Her younger brother saw this and walked over to Colby. At this point, the mother keyed into what was going on. She seemed shocked, while Richard and I weren’t shocked in the least. Colby then opened up the package for the little boys and helped him put his toy together.

The mother was shocked to see another child being so aware of the people not at his Image result for empathytable, and then to have him get up and go over and help the girl and her brother. The mom kept gushing over Colby’s actions. (Something I never know how to react to other than to say thanks).

I was proud of Colby’s actions today. He is such a caring person and wants to do good things for others. He has a great deal of empathy and altruism traits that don’t come naturally to kids. I can’t wait to see what direction he takes in his life, but I can tell you this much, no matter what direction he turns, other people will benefit from crossing paths with him.




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