Sunday…Son-day Blake edition 6

Hi guys,it’s Blake here.Yesterday I watched college football-UCF vs. Maryland-American Athletic Conference against the Big Ten Conference in Maryland.Both teams had some advantage. UCF hadn’t played since Hurricane Irma,which was 3 weeks ago,meaning they got more practice. Maryland had played their two games, and hadn’t lost, however. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, here’s some helpful images,first with UCF:Image result for ucf footballImage result for ucfImage result for aac logoImage result for aac logo

That’s UCF and the AAC teams, here’s Maryland and the more well known Big Ten:

Related imageRelated image

Image result for big ten football Image result for big ten football      So it’s pretty obvious who wins-Maryland,right? See who wins in this handy recap, and it’s impressive. 35-10 upset,UCF wins, going 2-0 into next week against Memphis, while Maryland goes 2-1 into their next game against Minnesota. That’s all for today,see you in 2 weeks.