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DiBella’s Subs

When I grew up in MA, we had so many really great sub places and lots to choose from. When I moved to FL, I couldn’t find a good sub place. The local grocery store, Publix, probably had the best subs around. But, it’s not the same as going into a restaurant that is dedicated to making subs.

When I came up to Pittsburgh to visit Richard in May we decided to go out for subs one night. We had been walking to most of our meals since he lived right in the Strip District. This night we decided to order and Uber and go to a different section of Downtown Pittsburgh. We found a sub place close enough to the Point that we would be able to walk over to the point after we ate and just enjoy the views. We ended up a DiBella’s Subs. We really enjoyed the subs. The people who worked there were really helpful and funny. We left full, having enjoyed a good sub, and enjoying the company of the staff. (We were like the only people in the place at that time). Both of us said we’d have to go back there at some time. Richard never ended up going back before he moved out of the city and we hadn’t been back into that part of the city with the boys.

Yesterday we went to the movies to see Ninjago and decided to go out for lunch. We were looking for somewhere to go have lunch that we hadn’t gone to before and found a sub place across the street next to Lowes, our next stop. So we decided to go there. When we walked into the restaurant Richard and I looked at each other and said… hey this is the place we went downtown. While the staff at this DiBella’s wasn’t as funny or interactive, I they were much busier than when we went to the one downtown, the food was still good.

We ordered 4 subs. Blake got ham and salami, Colby got ham and bacon, Richard got a cheese steak and I got the Cowboy, Thick-cut bacon, BBQ sauce and all white meat chicken topped with cheddar cheese. We also ordered a chocolate chip cookie.  Ummm we should have bought more than one of the cookies, they were really good!

We then came home to see if where else we could go to DiBella’s near by because we will be going back!


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