The big move

Well the time is getting closer. We have been waiting for this day since March. We have been watching the progress and the excitement is building. It is almost closing day!

While we are so ready to get out of our townhouse and into our new home, the list of things we want to do there keeps growing. Many of the big things are already set in place: appliances ordered and set to be delivered, utilities are set to switch over to our name, cable company comes to set up the house. You know all those things that really need to be done on the day you move in.

We are also in the process of setting up movers to help us move. We are planning on moving a lot of the boxes ourselves so we can start moving things in like the kitchen. Plus the more we move the less we have to pay to get moved.

But, we have also started that never ending list of I’d like to do this… You know that list of things that as homeowners never seems to end. The list that you feel like as soon as you remove one item you add two more. We literally have this set up on a spreadsheet so that Richard and I can be on the same page.

But for now we will get excited about the fact that on Wednesday we will once again be homeowners!


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