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Waffles InCaffinated

As I mentioned in my post about Pig Iron, we recently went to Pour in the Park. At Pour in the Park, we got to taste pumpkin waffles from Waffles InCaffinated. Although neither Richard or I are huge fans of pumpkin anything, we both tried two different types of pumpkin waffles. We thought they were really good considering the flavor. The one I tried was pumpkin with dried cranberries. I added their home made vanilla syrup.  Richard tried pumpkin with raisins with the homemade Bourbon maple syrup.

The waffles were very perfect Belgium style waffles. There was a good balance between the pumpkin and the add-ins. The vanilla syrup was a bit sweet, but balanced out the tart of the cranberries. The Bourbon maple was not a sweet as original maple syrup.

Since Richard was off work today and we had the morning to ourselves we decided to go out for breakfast. We decided to try Waffles InCaffinated, in Wexford, and get something that wasn’t pumpkin. We walked in the restaraunt and was greeted by the waitress who promptly sat us. She then took our drink order and offered to walk us through the menu.

There is a LOT on the menu, but we finally decided what to try.

Richard got the Megaberry

 “Mega yum! blueberries and raspberries on the inside, fresh berries tossed in our own vanilla bean syrup on top! a mountain of whipped cream and our berry reduction sauce complete this long time fave!”

As you can see it looked yummy and since you can also see his empty plate at the end I can tell you it was yummy. They put blueberries and raspberries inside the waffle as well as all the fresh berries on top of the waffle. This was a huge portion, but super tasty.


I ordered French Toast

 “Italian bread sliced down and rolled in our egg mix, pressed in our waffle irons and served with our signature honey mascarpone spread! For the ultimate experience, review the toppings list!”
I didn’t dislike the dish, but I didn’t love it either. I would not have been able to tell you that this was French Toast in anyway. It certainly needed the help of syrup as it didn’t have much flavor. The honey mascarpone spread was not bad, but it was super thick and was too sweet. I felt like this dish needed cinnamon or something on that idea to give it more flavor. I tried it with both the vanilla syrup and the bourbon syrup. It was much better with the bourbon syrup, but still not OMG I have to eat this all and come back for more.
I know we will be going back to Waffles InCaffinated. Next time I will probably get a waffle, it is called Waffles InCaffinated.

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