Photo Challenge: Windows

Life is busy right now. As I mentioned the other day, we just closed on our new house. We are slowly moving into the house.

When I saw the topic of this week’s photo challenge was Windows I wanted to take a picture out of the window of my new house. The challenge is to take a photo that uses a window to frame the picture. Ok… I can do this!

I started by taking pictures of the backyard out our windows… but I wasn’t happy with the results. This was the best of these pictures:IMG_20170928_091957
Then I snapped a few pictures of Dixie looking out the window. I love that she is starting to get comfortable in the new house. She is constantly looking out to see what is going on, especially if Richard is outside.

But, I wasn’t completely satisfied with these pictures either. They just weren’t THE picture.


IMG_20170928_104047When I was working upstairs prepping Colby’s room for painting, Dixie laid down in the sunshine and I snapped a picture of this, a different interpretation of being framed by the window… it was a windows of sunshine. But, again I wasn’t happy with the result. I may play with this photo in photoshop a bit and see if can make it more to my liking, but it wasn’t the photo challenge photo.

We decided to have dinner at the house for the first time. Our kitchen table is still at the apartment, so the boys were eating on tv trays. Colby decided he wanted to eat his dinner looking out the back window.

I took this picture of him. As soon as I did, I knew this was THE picture. I don’t have time to play with photoshop to clean it up and crisp up the pictures so SOOC … and really its from my cell phone so it’s even rougher than with my camera, but it’s the photo… this is my window. IMG_20170928_182754


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