Don’t hit the curb

I had to take my car to get new tires today. This was due to two reasons…. one I hit a curb backing up the other day, don’t ask! This put a hole in the sidewall of my car.

We had already talked about getting new tires for my car, but originally we were going to wait a few weeks until life settled down. My car as just under 18,000 miles and is a 2014, that I purchased brand new in 2015.

The tires on my car were just about down to the wear strips. This is pretty sad when you think about the mileage on  my car. Plus the tires were rated for 80,000 miles…. ummm I was no where close to that mileage.

When we got them changed, the person who was checking us out could not believe the wear on the tires compared to my mileage.

Just what we needed… an extra expense right now, but at least my car now has better tires and will be safer for the winter.

Don’t forget to check the wear on your tires and make sure they are ready for the winter weather. I know if I had just assumed that they were still good based on the mileage that would be a bad thing!

Now I just have to make sure I don’t hit another curb.


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