When I get a car, I want a…

Driving home tonight the boys decided to have a conversation about what cars they will buy when they can drive.

Colby has decided that he wants a Ford F150, but if he can’t have that he will settle for a sports car. He says he wants a Ford GT.

Blake says he wants a Subaru WRX or a Jeep Wrangler

Richard wants a sports car and has for along time now. But, he is thinking about getting an SUV of some kind.  He’s talked about getting a Range Rover or something else.

We have many conversations about cars in our family. They are a bit car obsessed.

I’ve told both the boys that the first car they get will be a Smart Car. Here is my theory. The Smart Car should be every persons first car, they are missing out on a great sales pitch.  Think about it… it is too small to have a whole bunch of people in it. The price is reasonable. The gas mileage is positive. So it isn’t a super popular cool car, but it’s a great start. No one in my family agrees with me, but it makes sense to me.

I’m sure the type of vehicle the boys will want will change over the years. But, I can tell you that it will be fun when they get their licences and are ready to drive.



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