Next ESPN Commentator?

My boys love sports. I know Blake has blogged about sports just a few times on his Sunday-Son Day posts, so I’m sure you have figured this out.

When we lived in FL, we had season tickets to UCF Football. Richard and I had them before the boys were born and we got the boys tickets when Colby was in first grade. We wanted to wait until both boys were ready to sit through the whole game.

The boys love watching sports and get so excited watching them. They enjoy playing sports as well. For year and years Blake swore he was going to be a professional football player when he grew up. I always told him he had too many brain cells to spend them on the football field. Don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with people who are really good at sports playing sports. Blake loves and understands sports, but I don’t see this as his passion.

Now if you want to see him do something with sports growing up maybe he could be a commentator! He loves to give the play by play on any and every sports experience. And I mean everything from the games he watches live or on tv to playing catch in the backyard. Blake seems to need to talk through everything he and everyone else does sports-wise.

Got to love the passion, now can you stop talking for 2 minutes so we can hear what the real officials are saying?



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