Hello October

It’s hard to believe that we have lived in PA for almost 4 months now. We left FL on June 5th. So much has changed in our lives. We have done a lot this summer, but in many ways it was quieter than normal summers for us.

This move has allowed the boys to reconnect and become stronger friends. They have Image result for brothers quotesalways been best of friends worst of enemies and I think that will be the status for a long time. There are lots of times when they want nothing to do with each other, but when push comes to shove they are there for each other.

This was what Richard and I really wanted for our children. We had them close in age for many reasons, but one of the biggest being that they have always had each other. This move helped them remember how much they enjoy being together. They spend a lot of time together riding bikes, playing sports, reading and doing other brother things.

While they are so ready to have their own room and space, I know that this connection will stay strong. They have always enjoyed hanging out, but you can just see their need to be connected even more now.

At the same time, they are now building new friendships and finding their own way in the world. The boys are total opposites in so many ways. I love seeing each of them approach life in their own style. Blake is very much go, go, go… I need it now type of kid. Colby is more laid back. Blake enjoys spewing facts and Colby enjoys manipulating information.

Richard and I have had opportunities to reconnect with the boys and even more importantly with each other. We have always been best friends, but now we see that bond getting stronger. We enjoy spending time as a whole family, and carving out a bit of time as a couple.

All four of us are notorious for taking out our frustrations, stress and issues on each other. While this can be stressful, we also know that no matter what the love we have is stronger than the frustration. We are learning to let go and move on.

So as we begin another month here in our new adventure, I look forward to moving into our new house. I look forward to creating new memories. Combining traditions we have done for years with the new ones we will soon create.

So we say…. Hello October. What fun adventures do you have in store for us?  We are ready!

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