New blog direction?

If you asked me when I started blogging what direction my blog would take, I would not have had a good answer. But, I can tell you that writing reviews would never have been in the mix.

The first review I did was on the book The Promise Girls by Marie Bostwick. I sent the review to her and actually got an e-mail back from her, that I thought was really cool. I then did a few more book reviews.

Then Richard and I were talking and he suggested that I start writing reviews about the restaurants we try out. Since we are new to the area, everything is new to us. Posting about the new things we do was a suggestion from Pine History Blog, Pine is the Township where we now live. I have been following her blog since I found it to learn more about the history of the area.

My first restaurant review was Pig Iron Public House. I got a lot of views off this post which of course prompted me to do more. (Anyone who blogs can relate to searching for the items that get the most comments and page views, admit it you search your stats too!) I have been doing reviews on Google’s Local Guide for a while, so it was natural to just turn these into blog posts.

So I guess I now am seeing my blog go in a direction of doing more reviews. Just in case you are wondering, not this will not become a review only blog. I enjoy blogging about what is on my mind. You will still see my recipes. You will still hear about the adventures of my life. You will still get true Teacher Turned Mommy Posts, just have more reviews mixed into the mix!

So you, my loyal blog followers, do you enjoy reading my reviews? Would you be interested in seeing different types of reviews? Product reviews? More restaurants? More books? Some other item that I haven’t even considered?

You can reply here, leave a message on my Facebook page or drop me an e-mail lori.mommyto2@gmail.com




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