Homecoming Week for the boys

Pine Richland is having their homecoming week. The boys school is having different activities each day. I like that they are using a week that is typically hyped up only in the high school as a week to have fun at the other schools. Not sure what the low elementary schools or the middle school is doing, but I’m guessing they are celebrating as well.

So this was a great week to see the differences between my two sons.

Monday they needed to dress in the color of their biome. The school is divided into different sections each labeled with a biome, and each biome has a color that matches it. So for Monday, Colby needed to wear yellow (desert biome) and Blake needed to wear blue (aquatic biome). This day was well easy other than we had to find a shirt with some yellow in it.

Tuesday was wacky socks day. Colby wore one black soccer sock and one black regular sock. So he had one sock that was up to his knee and one that was down at his ankle.  This works!  Blake thought he was being super creative. But, if you know Blake you will already guess that this didn’t work out well for him. Blake wore two sets of socks. Two sets of white socks. The bottom sock was about 2 inches taller than the outer sock.  You could not even tell he had anything but normal socks. He didn’t understand why people didn’t notice that he had stacked his socks one on the other.

Wednesday was mismatched/backwards clothes day. Colby wore his polo shirt inside out and backwards. He wanted to be mismatched as well, but, all his bottoms are khaki, jeans, navy or gray, which makes it harder to be mismatched (Yes I do this do they can’t typically make mismatched outfits). Blake put his shirt on backwards, but before he had even come downstairs, he had turned it the right way. He just could not wear the shirt backwards.

Today was crazy hair/hat day. Colby tried for a long time to get his hair to stick up in crazy directions. When the back of his hair was long we were able to easily do this, he often had Einstein hair. Now that his hair is super short in the back the whole crazy hair thing wouldn’t work. Colby then went upstairs found and old hat. He turned the hat inside out and wore it backwards with his bangs sticking out everywhere. Blake put on his UCF hat and said it would be “crazy” here because they probably don’t know UCF.

This week just shows the difference between my guys. Blake is so straight laced. He lived in a black and white world and struggles when things don’t fit into his molds. Colby on the other hand LOVES to be creative. He loves to think outside the box and sees the fun creative sides of life.

I love my guys and how different they are… keeps life interesting.


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