Moving “fun”

Moving is such a crazy and chaotic time. It’s strange to see your whole life packed up in boxes. To see that a whole household worth of stuff can be put onto a truck and moved.

Before we moved, we sold a lot of items. Now we are seeing what we still want and what we will need. We spend time saying I want to do this or that to the house.

It is fun to move into a blank canvas and know that you can put personal touches onto it and make it your own. There is no right or wrong way to move into a new home, it is just your way.

We are getting closer to being totally moved in. The boys’ rooms are almost done being painted. I need to re-paint Blake’s room and paint the stripe. In Colby’s room I’m going to paint a blue rectangle, border it in black and then he can put up his fish stickers in there to look like a fish tank.

We will then move onto painting Richard’s office.

There are somethings that are not going to workout the way we had planned, but that doesn’t mean it won’t work… it just means we have to change the plans. At least for now.

I’m so ready to be moved in and settled.  Ok settled will take a while, for right now I’d just settle for moving in.


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