Time keeps moving forward

While out driving tonight, Colby made a comment about not being able to live without Wi-Fi. We had not moved out wireless router over to the new house, so there wasn’t a Wi-Fi connection. Which for the boys meant they could not use their Chromebooks or play the games they like on their tablets. Now granted, I’m not sure they would have even asked to use them. We have been very busy and today they had football on the upstairs tv and a Star Wars marathon on the basement tv.

Anyway, back to my story. Colby made the comment about how bad life would be without Wi-Fi. I said “I lived most of my life without Wi-Fi”. To which he replied “Yes, but it didn’t exist, so you weren’t missing out on it, you didn’t even know what it was…” Ok profound statement for a 9 year old. True, very true.

My parents are up visiting and my mom said “I remember a time before tv, then when it came out it was black and white. It had a small screen in a big box.” We then went on to talk about the fact that even when I was a child we didn’t have remote controls. I remember the first remote we had was to the cable and it had a cord that went across the room.

It’s crazy to think about how much technology has changed in the last say 10 years, never mind 50 or 100. My children do not know a time when people didn’t have cell phones they took with them everywhere. They do not know or a time when you couldn’t pause tv or watch movies on demand. They do not know of a time when writing letters was the main form of communication beyond making a phone call. And, they don’t know about making a phone call and having to stand in the kitchen because the phone was on a cord attached to the wall.

They will not know of a time when they couldn’t just go on-line and look something up. They don’t have to go to the library to research information in an encyclopedia or find books on a topic to get simple questions answered.

I marvel at how much life has changed since I was a child. It will be crazy to see what come in the future. What will it be when I have grandchildren. I wonder what things we have today that will be obsolete at that time. But, that will be a LONGGGG time from now. I don’t want to think about the boys driving, never mind past that.


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