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Zuppas Delicatessen Wexford review

My family is up from FL, we were looking for a place to go for dinner. We decided to take them to Zuppas Delicatessen in Wexford, PA. We have been to Zuppas a few times, but I’ve never blogged about it so I decided this would be a great opportunity since we’d have 6 different plates to share.

Let’s start with the boys meals. Blake had grilled ham and cheese, on the left. He had just tried to bite the sandwich when it was hot and the ham pulled out right before I’d taken this picture. Colby had PB & J.  Both the boys always get these sandwiches when we go to Zuppas. They love them.

The left sandwich was Richard’s. He had the Little Italy: “Prosciutto di Parma, fresh mozzarella, cracked black pepper, extra virgin olive oil, arugula and a fig spread on toasted Italian bread.” He really enjoyed this sandwich and thought the fig spread an interesting addition. He would get it again.

The right sandwich was my dad’s. He had “The Rubenator”: “Traditional reuben done “our way” packed between two grilled swiss cheese sandwiches on marble rye.” This sandwhich was HUGE. Although he thought it was a huge sandwich he did manage to eat almost all of it and said it was good.

I got the plate on the left. It was a BLT: “Thick Cut Oven Roasted Pork Shoulder piled on toasted Italian Bread with mayo, fresh sliced roma tomatoes and arugula” and Italian Wedding soup. The sandwich was really good. The pork shoulder was chewy so it didn’t have the traditional BLT texture, but it was very tasty. There may have been a tad too much mayo for my liking, but I would have this again. The soup was delicious. A perfect blend of chicken stock, well seasoned meatballs, spinach and a dash of orzo pasta. I will certainly get this one again.

The plate on the right, is my mom’s. Her sandwich was the Tomato Basil: Oven roasted tomatoes piled high and topped with fresh mozzarella cheese between two slices of basil pesto marinated panini bread. This is a very fresh sandwich with a nice balance of cheese and veggies. She had the soup of the day, sweet potato. This was the one thing we had that didn’t quite live up to the expectation. It didn’t have a sweet potato taste at all. There was a lot of chicken stock in it, so it almost tasted like gravy. She did eat it, but it just didn’t taste like a good cream soup.

If you are looking for a good deli sandwich, bowl of soup or salad (haven’t had a salad here yet), and you are in the Wexford area… try Zuppas.  I know we will be going back sometimes soon.


(This review is not paid for, it is just my opinion!)




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