Menu planning for the week

I just got back from grocery shopping. It is so nice to shop knowing that you have more space to store food. I had a tiny pantry, a tiny fridge and what felt like a miniature freezer in the townhouse.

When I shop I typically only purchase the items that I need for meals the week ahead. I did typically purchase things that are on sale that I know I will use going forward as well.

Today when I shopped I was able to take advantage of the sales on proteins. These are the best sales because you just pop the protein in the freezer and you have it when you need it, did I mention I have a free standing freezer on top of the one with my fridge? I love having the space to store proteins, make ahead meals, leftover and so much more.

Image result for what on the menu?

Friday- Red Robin!

Saturday- out because we are taking my parents to the airport

Sunday- ribs

Weekday meals: chili, shredded beef, fish

Thursday- Food trucks at the boys school.

I’m going to switch my shopping day to Thursdays or maybe Wednesday. I was shopping on Fridays but I just don’t like shopping on Fridays… so I’m going to switch it up.

Do you menu plan? If so what is on your menu this week?? Did I mention any food items you’d like to see as a Tasty Tuesday post?


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